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Journey Inside the Cell - Where does the information come from?

Journey Inside the Cell

This is the cell animation video referenced on page 120 of Signature in the Cell. The animation is stunning to say the least. It was all done by the same animators who worked on Expelled. It is titled “Journey Inside The Cell” and is about three and a half minutes long. It dramatically illustrates the evidence for intelligent design within DNA, as described in the book and reveals in intricate detail how the digital information in DNA directs protein synthesis inside the cell, revealing a world of molecular machines and nano-processors communicating digital information. Steve Meyer narrates the piece.

The third axis: Information - the "breath" of God, Creative Reason.

The third axis: Information - the "breath" of God, Creative Reason.

. More support for IDvolution.

Information and the Nature of Reality: From Physics to Metaphysics


"This is the anthology we have been waiting for ... seminal papers deal with matter through the history of Greek thought, seventeenth-century materialism and twentieth-century dematerialism, the need for a new scientific world view in the light of the quantum nature of the universe, and the storage and transmission of information in biological systems with the new knowledge of their genomes and development ... Philosophers, theologians and scientists all have their say, wrestling with the theme of God as the ultimate informational and structuring principle in the universe."
Professor Sir Brian Heap, St Edmund's College, President, European Academies Science Advisory Board, German Academy of Sciences

Product Description

Many scientists regard mass and energy as the primary currency of nature. In recent years, however, the concept of information has gained importance. Why? In this book, eminent scientists, philosophers and theologians chart various aspects of information, from quantum information to biological and digital information, in order to understand how nature works. Beginning with a historical treatment of the topic, the book also examines physical and biological approaches to information, and its philosophical, theological and ethical implications.

Dr. Thomas Seiler of Germany discusses the problems with evolution and discusses IDvolution

Clarification - When Hugh describes IDvolution to Dr Seiler it should be the "language of DNA".  IDvolution is discussed briefly at the 33 minute mark.

Hugh Miller interviews Dr. Thomas Seiler.