Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dr Dennis Bonnette on Adam and Eve

Dr. Bonnette makes an important distinction when it comes to the past.

 "These genetic studies, based on many assumptions and use of computer models, do not tell us how the origin of the human race actually took place. But, they do show (1) that methodological limitations and radical contingency are inherent in such studies, which are employed to make retroactive judgments about deeply ancient populations that can never be subject to direct observation, and (2) that present scientific claims against the possibility of a literal Adam and Eve are not definitive (Gauger 2012, 105-122)."

and that human reasoning is the weak link when evaluating data.

"Since the same God is author both of human reason and of authentic revelation, legitimate natural science, properly conducted, will never contradict Catholic doctrine, properly understood. Catholic doctrine still maintains that a literal Adam and Eve must have existed, a primal couple who committed that personal original sin, which occasioned the need for, and the divine promise of, the coming of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ."   

Read the entire article here:

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Adam and Eve: Defense of Their Literal Existence as the Primal Human Couple

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Is There Evidence of Something Beyond Nature?

Another good Lennox Video - Is there evidence of something beyond nature?

At the Veritas Forum at Harvard, Oxford Mathematician John Lennox argues that there is evidence of transcendence beyond nature. Semiotics - signs like letters and numbers - cannot be explained in a purely reductionist fashion but require an appeal to the mind.