Sunday, April 10, 2016

Humans may have lost abilities that our ancestors had

If our ancestors had the ability to regenerate teeth and limbs and now we can't; would this be evolution?   Or is it devolution?

From ScienceDaily:

Genetic elements that drive regeneration uncovered

Limb or organ regrowth may be hidden in our genes

"If you trace our evolutionary tree way back to its roots -- long before the shedding of gills or the development of opposable thumbs -- you will likely find a common ancestor with the amazing ability to regenerate lost body parts."

"Lucky descendants of this creature, including today's salamanders or zebrafish, can still perform the feat, but humans lost much of their regenerative power over millions of years of evolution."   (hmmmm)
"We want to find more of these types of elements so we can understand what turns on and ultimately controls the program of regeneration," said Poss (programs are designed)

A prior post here by John Sanford and genetic entropy - "the human race is degenerating at 1-5% per generation"

"so it's kind of a trade secret amongst population geneticists,any well informed population geneticist understands man is degenerating"

"so in deep geological time we should have been extinct a long time ago"