Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Origin of Life - Professor John Walton demonstates the odds against a random start

Professor Walton takes us through the chemistry and shows us the RNA world scenario is impossible.  Life was complex at the earliest times. 

The Origin of Life


  • Statistically, the chance of forming even one “useful” RNA sequence can be shown to be essentially zero in the lifetime of the earth.
  • The complexity of the first self-replicating system, and the information needed to build it, imply intelligent design.
  • Hope of beating the colossal odds against random formation of replicating RNA is based on ideology rather than science.
  • As lab experiments on model replicators become more complex they demonstrate the need for input from intelligent mind(s).
  • Acceptance of an early earth atmosphere free of oxygen atoms strains belief beyond breaking point!
  • No chemically or geologically plausible routes to nucleotides or RNA strands have been developed.
  • Geological field work shows no support for a “prebiotic soup.” It favors little change in the atmosphere over time. Living things have been present since the first crustal rocks.
  • After over 50 years of sterile origin of life research it is time to give intelligent design a fair hearing.

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